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Shoreditch Cafe ‘With New York Attitude’ Will Close After Five Years

Brooklyn Coffee on Commercial Street will close at the end of January

Brooklyn Coffee will close at the end of January
Kate Beard

One of Shoreditch’s leading speciality coffee shops will close at the end of January.

Brooklyn Coffee, which opened on Commercial Street in 2013, announced the closure on Instagram this lunchtime.

Owners Bryan Jackson and Reina Alexander said in the message that it was “not goodbye forever,” alongside the hashtags #timeforavacation, #newadventures, and #newprojects.

After 5 years and many coffees it’s time for team Brooklyn to say good bye at the end of January!

It’s been a pleasure (mostly) being part of your day! This is not goodbye forever... Let’s not cry over spilled milk (coffee). Thank you to all of our regulars. We’ll always remember the good times, the loud music and the chat.

Don’t forget to close the door behind you!

The cafe-bar was one of London’s best designed and most reliable coffee shops. Jackson and Alexander worked with the London-based roastery Caravan on a custom espresso blend; an exclusive arrangement which always seemed to indicate that Brooklyn was a class above many of the roaster’s other trade clients. Those in the coffee industry regarded Brooklyn as the cafe to drink Caravan coffee in London — ahead, even, of Caravan’s own shops.

Eater contacted Jackson and Alexander for more information on their medium- to long-term plans. They said “Working on a few plans, we’ll keep you posted.”