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A New Fast Casual Sushi Bar Is Now Open in Central London

A roll-out looks likely for Sushi Daily, which opened on New Oxford Street this week

Donburi — salmon chirashi sushi at Sushi Daily
Sushi Daily [Official Photo]

Sushi kiosk operator Sushi Daily has opened its first permanent restaurant on New Oxford Street in London. The self-described “artisan sushi retailer,” which is known to Londoners for its kiosks in branches of Waitrose and John Lewis, has collaborated with former Feng Sushi managing director Silla Bjerrum to develop new dishes. These dishes, including breakfast options and ‘sushi’ using quinoa instead of rice will be rolled out to those kiosks, as well as appearing at this new, “flagship” sushi restaurant.

According to a statement released today by Sushi Daily, “Seasonality, sustainability, quality and flavour is central to the concept with fish delivered whole to the site, ready to be cut and prepared daily for absolutely freshness” — there are no fishmongers or suppliers named. The ever more popular, and important, nose-to-tail (gill-to-tail?) philosophy is also in place: “the salmon miso uses their homemade broth made from fish bones and the salmon skin roll uses their own crispy salmon skin.”

This translates to a very wide range of Japanese dishes, including yakisoba fried buckwheat noodles, udon noodles, katsu curry, gyoza, and an inordinate number of sushi options: “well-balanced, nutritious and low in saturated fats” — like most sushi. The grab-and-go nature of the kiosks is replicated for the evening, with a bespoke menu made “at the counter,” as in existing supermarket branches.

Sushi Daily has also promised a click and collect system, designed to tap into the potential custom from lunchtime workers and walkers along New Oxford Street — custom that will likely be drawn to the nearby Centre Point dining development at the Tottenham Court Road end of the street.

While Sushi Daily has been operating its kiosks for eight years, Feng Sushi was co-founded by Silla Bjerrum in 1999, eventually expanding to eight reliable, if unspectacular high street sushi restaurants. It has since majorly downsized to three, with its most recent closure at Borough Market paving the way for Taiwanese star restaurateurs Bao to open its third restaurant and fourth London site. Bjerrum’s experience in developing both dishes and strategy for sushi brands with an eye on expansion — along with Sushi Daily’s established kiosk model — suggests that a roll-out is very much on the cards.


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