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French Wine Company Unveils a Gilded Waste of Money in an Apt Brexit Tribute

A gold leaf bottle of wine for over £100? No deal

Brexit wine sold by Gold Emotion means no deal for British trade Gold Emotion [Official Photo]

Commemorate Brexit with gaudy wine posturing, or don’t

As prime minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit clock ticks down, a French wine company has riskily produced a commemorative bottle of wine for 31 October when, as it stands, the U.K. will not leave the EU. Gold Emotion, a bespoke celebratory wine company, has launched a bottle etched in 24 carat gold and filled with gold leaf flakes, which is otherwise just a bottle of sparkling wine. There’s also a rosé version. The white costs £138, with around 85 percent of that cost being the gold. An expensive, gaudy waste of money that winds up as a terrible deal? There couldn’t be a better Brexit tribute. [CNN]

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