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Kooky Drinks Brand Innocent Clarifies That Drinking Conker Milk Might Kill You

The perils of online LOLs and brand tweeting are never far away

Innocent Drinks’s smoothie range, which does not include conker milk Innocent [Official Photo]

Brand known for happy-go-lucky tweets gets all mortal

Innocent Drinks, the Coca Cola-owned drinks brand known for smoothies, hats on smoothies, and kooky tweets, has learned the — possibly manufactured — risk of assuming that the world is in on the joke. Having “released” a new conker milk drink for autumn, Innocent has had to issue a series of clarifying tweets reminding the public to neither eat nor milk conkers. Conkers — horse chestnuts — are inedible, poisonous, and possibly deadly: making milk out of them would not be a good idea. The brand even stipulated that it had “used” edible sweet chestnuts, although that wouldn’t be conker milk at all.

As the brand writes: “Why not make a fake dairy free drink as a joke? Something weird and ridiculous that no one would want to drink, to get people talking? It was genius.” A message that becomes marketing itself, right down to the brand’s voice, part of the endless cycle that conker milk began.

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