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16 Million Apples Are Rotting in Britain Because of Brexit

How do you like them totally avoidable labour shortages

Looking down from above at a pile of rotting apples Photo By: Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The metaphors just keep coming

Brexit’s impact on the U.K. food industry is moving from broad spectrum disruption to “oh god, this is a metaphor isn’t it,” as 16 million apples rot in orchards. EU workers are responding to the uncertainty and political aggression surrounding Britain’s departure from the EU by working in countries that aren’t tearing themselves apart, and apples are responding by falling to the ground, decomposing, and costing farmers money. The shortage of labour — as many as 70,000 vacant positions — could also threaten winter crops of carrots, sprouts, and parsnips come Christmas, according to the Times. At least, by then, Brexit will be done an— [The Times]

And in other news...


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