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Influencer-Hyped Dim Sum Restaurant Duddell’s Is Closing in London Bridge

It is eyeing a splashy reopening in Mayfair

Duddell’s — Cantonese dim sum specialist — is closing
Duddell’s — Cantonese dim sum specialist — is closing
Duddell’s [Official Photo]

Duddell’s, the Cantonese dim sum restaurant which opened in London two years ago amid intense influencer hype, will close its London Bridge location today. It will, a statement released today said, “move to a new west end location.” Mayfair is the target.

“After opening two years ago, Duddell’s London announced its plan to move to a new west end location,” the statement said.

“The closure of the London Bridge space comes as a result of continued planning challenges with the landlord and technical difficulties related to the Grade II listed church, which has prevented Duddell’s from fully realising its authentic Cantonese culinary vision.

“The Duddell’s development team is looking for a new site in Mayfair which will be announced in due course.”

Duddell’s London — a follow-up to its Michelin-starred site in Hong Kong, which opened in 2013 — opened in the stunning former church, St Thomas’, in the late autumn of 2017. It came after a series of major launch parties and — it seemed — a short-lived spike in (social) media attention.

Critic Marina O’Loughlin, writing in the Sunday Times in December 2017, said of the roast duck, that it was “some of the finest to be found outside fo Beijing.”

More soon.