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Uber Eats Is Now Responsible for One in Ten McDonald’s Orders

The American fast food giant now generates 10 percent of its business from the delivery platform in the U.K.

Daily Life In Krakow, Poland Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Convenience is king. International fast food giant McDonald’s has revealed that one in 10 of its orders now arrives through its delivery wing, McDelivery, facilitated by Uber Eats.

Global sales were a reported £4.2 billion in the three months to September this year.

950 of 1,250 McDonald’s stores in the U.K. offer a delivery service, an innovation that first arrived in the summer of 2017. This Is Money reports that on one day — September 18 — McDonald’s received more than 124,000 orders for delivery.

Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s U.K. boss said: “Convenience has been, and is, key to driving our growth — being where our customers want, when they want.” The company also introduced a new format of restaurant in London in May: a takeaway-only branch on Fleet Street, and the first time the 63-year-old brand had launched a new format since it introduced drive thrus in the 1980s.

McDonald’s has been one of the most significant facets of Uber Eats — an exclusive partnership its principal point of difference from competitors Deliveroo and Just Eat.