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Former Chef at Heston Blumenthal’s Three-Michelin-Starred Restaurant Sues for £200,000

Pastry chef Sharon Anderson says her work left her with debilitating repetitive strain injury

Chef Heston Blumenthal Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Pastry chef sues The Fat Duck over career-ending injury

Sharon Anderson is suing Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck for £200,000. Anderson alleges that “fast, arduous and repetitive” pastry work has left her unable to work since November 2015, according to the Evening Standard. Anderson details a schedule running from 7.a.m. — 6p.m. that included making 550 whisky gums in two hours and packing 400 individual sweets into cellophane over four hours in the morning; this has allegedly caused “significant wrist pain” that restricts her ability to perform daily tasks. Blumenthal’s restaurant will contends that the claim is too late, and that it provided adequate support: the suit comes after Blumenthal’s straightforwardly sexist claim that “heavy pots and pans” and the “biological clock” inhibit women in professional kitchens. [Evening Standard]

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