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Ikea Shelves Meat for Christmas

Two vegetable tarts; no turkeys; no meatballs

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Ikea’ Christmas food menu on a red, festive background Ikea [Official Photo]

Ikea’s festive move is sadly not Swedish meat-free balls

The Ikea food is an inextricable element of the Ikea experience — the genuinely democratic, genuine canteen of Rebecca May Johnson’s essay on the subject, in which there is space and time for all. This year, it’s going vegan for Christmas, with a heavy emphasis on tarts: brie and cranberry is one; root vegetable tatin the other, with no turkey, pigs in #spon OFELIA blankets, or meat of any kind in sight. On the one hand, it’s tapping into the ever-swelling discourse about eating less meat and the effects thereof; on the other, it’s a festive meal for £5 for anyone who needs it at a time of year that can be alienating in its relentless focus on “bringing people together.”

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