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RIP Pret’s Jambon Beurre (for Now)

The sandwich chain has pulled its cult favourite ham sandwich because it’s unhappy with the bread

Pret’s most cult sandwich jambon beurre is back
Pret’s jambon beurre sandwich is taking a break
Pret a Manger [Official Photo]

Pret a Manger has apparently pulled its jambon beurre sandwich — a cult-followed creation which marries Wiltshire-cured ham with sliced cornichons and butter on a dinky white baguette.

As first reported by i News, following the journalist Laura Silver’s tweet, the sandwich chain, which retailed the small sandwich for less than £3, is unhappy with the standard of stone baked “losange” bread.

The company indicated that it might soon return, but would not commit to when. Hint: it will return. Reader, this writer is willing to bet a 99p filter coffee that it will be back before Brexit.

Anyone remember the time Salad Cream didn’t become Sandwich Cream?

Update: a Pret spokesperson subsequently said, “The Jambon Beurre is temporarily unavailable as we’re not satisfied with the quality of the bread rolls. We know people love it and we intend to bring it back as soon as we can.”

The status of the jambon beurre is perhaps best illustrated by its most esteemed followers — Sunday Times critic Marina O’Loughlin has in the past declared it her favourite Pret item; ranking in Time Out’s top 10; it is considered the connoisseur’s choice, the foodie’s fall-back if they have to, god forbid, eat at a sandwich chain. It is minimalist, it is sort of French, it is normcore.

More soon on the (return of) U.K.’s only iconic ham sandwich.


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