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Pizza Express Responds to Collapse Rumours With a Video Full of Pizza Puns

The pizza chain’s riposte to reports of its debt is so very 2019

Pizza Express’s announcement video saying the pizza chain won’t fold Pizza Express/Twitter

Pizza crisis management now takes place on Twitter

Reports that beloved pizza restaurant chain Pizza Express is in talks with creditors over serious debt fast became rumours that beloved pizza chain Pizza Express would fold that fast became a slew of jokes about calzone. Now, Pizza Express has moved to quash rumours of its imminent demise, not with a company statement, but with a glossy Twitter video laden with pizza puns.

Against a backdrop of a pair of hands in one of those striking blue-and-white striped shirts kneading dough, the chain writes:

Thanks for the love.

It feels good to be kneaded.

We’re still making dough.

It’s worth noting that for a pizza chain saddled with debt, the video looks to come from a decent advertising agency. They do not work for free. It’s also worth noting that with just one more syllable in the first line, it would be a haiku. It’s also worthing noting that the words in bold say “love kneaded still,” a hidden cry for help in a video glistening with defiance. It’s also worth noting that a national chain issuing a statement on its future through a punny Twitter video is another evolution in the 2019 food-brands-on-social-media discourse, which has rolled through thirst, straight up depression, and whatever this is. If its creditor talks go south and restaurants do have to close, the IGTV apology will be worth watching.

And in other news...

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