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Greggs Says Ring Doughnuts Are a Health Food Because They Have a Hole

The dougnuts are iced, the logic is ironclad

Greggs the bakers says its ring doughnuts mean its menu is healthier now Greggs [Official Photo]

The new public health champion is a ring doughnut

Greggs, the bakery, vegan sausage roll moneymaker, and noted provider of hot items, says it will do its bit for public health with a new product the likes of which has never been seen before: a baked good so fiendish that Piers Morgan will again be forced to denounce the chain online.


A ring doughnut.

Yes: chief executive Roger Whiteside told a conference on childhood obesity that ring doughnuts — doughnuts with air voids, otherwise known as “holes,” in the middle — are a key cold item in its commitment to public health, according to i News. He also delivered a simple truth:

People like big cakes, not little cakes . . . we know that we shouldn’t be encouraging people to eat large cakes... but the problem is you have to go with demand.

Does Greggs need to do this, or even say this? Conference obligations say yes; corporate governance packs probably say yes; the government’s uncomfortably paternalistic approach to public health at the expense of education, with individual products — and not their consumption — classed as healthy or unhealthy, good or bad, in a sort of calorie vacuum divorced from real world circumstances. The only disappointment in Greggs’ statement is that it’s not a masterful piece of governmental trolling. [I News]

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