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Galaxy Is the First Mainstream Chocolate Bar to Turn Itself Vegan

Mars leads the way — what will Dairy Milk call its vegan chocolate?

Claudia Ricco Photography

It’s not from another solar system, it’s made of hazelnuts!

Mars will launch three vegan Galaxy bars in the U.K. in the next few months, according to the Guardian. The 100g bars — no singles — will be available in “smooth orange,” caramelised hazelnut, and salted caramel flavours, and use hazelnut paste and rice syrup to mimic milk chocolate’s texture. It’s another example of a vegan product taking the imitation route, rather than offering a point of difference defined by flavour or texture — the most prominent being the Impossible burger and Beyond Meat’s bleeding burgers.

Galaxy, whose advertising has morphed over its 60 year lifetime from “gives you a share of country goodness” to CGI Audrey Hepburn, and whose taste is more milk than chocolate, is likely to prompt other manufacturers to follow suit. Props to whoever gets to rename Dairy Milk. [Guardian]

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