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London Restaurant Pioneer Alan Yau’s Next Great Idea Is a Trendy Mozzarella Sandwich

Yau will partner with Italian chain Obica for a cheesy mash up in South Kensington

Restaurateur Alan Yau Alan Yau [Official Photo]

The sando can only be created, never destroyed

As sure as food can be put between crustless bread, visionary London restaurateur Alan Yau will add to the capital’s sando parade by putting mozzarella between crustless bread, in partnership with mozz experts Obica. Obica South Kensington will be given over to a “homage to katsu sando” with “Italian characteristics, mozzarella DNA and a Milanese core,” according to Propel.

It will add to Yau’s planned restaurants for 2020, a flagship restaurant near Docklands that he describes as “a Chinese River Cafe,” and a smaller Japanese grill at the same development. More pressingly: can a mozzarella sando really improve on its fabled ancestors, the calzone and panuozzo? Is Yau going to deliver an unexpected hybrid? And what will London put between bread next? [Propel]

And in other news...

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