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Jeremy Corbyn Fuelled Up for Boris Johnson Debate With Caesar Salad and Tea

He ate, he drank, he conquered

Jeremy Corbyn And Boris Johnson Take Part In ITV Leaders Debate
Caesar salad satisfaction
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

“I’ve eaten a Caesar salad, had a couple of cups of tea, and read a bit, and talked a bit to my team, it’s been very pleasant.”

The words of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ahead of his live TV head-to-head with Boris Johnson last night, which a YouGov poll called as a victory for the Labour leader on “in touch”, “trustworthiness”, the NHS, and overall performance.

A light, summery choice for a bitterly cold day up in Salford is testament to just how radical the Labour leader is. Corbyn, a vegetarian for 50 years, is known to tend to an allotment near his north London home and is often referred to, affectionately, as a “herbivore”, and recently revealed that he had given his long-time deputy Tom Watson a horseradish plant.

It prompted the commentariat to wonder what else he might have eaten in order to combat the stereotypes.

And, likewise, the Voyager of Culinary Discovery (who, incidentally has since been to a rock factory in Blackpool* and eaten traditional Sikh food at a temple in Southall, London). What might he have hoofed?

Last night’s debate ended with another food reference: Johnson proposed that were he forced to leave a present under Corbyn’s Christmas tree, and following a gag about leaving a copy of his Brexit deal fell on deaf ears, he suggested he’d offer a jar of damson jam. Corbyn replied, chuckling and somewhat predictably, that this would be unnecessary, since he already had his own.