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Tory Gavin Williamson’s Reelection Bid Lifts Off With Cornish Pasties and ‘Brexit Sprouts’

Banter Williamson is back. These sprouts have nothing to do with Brussels, apparently

Gavin Williamson holds a few Brexit sprouts
Gavin Williamson and his vegetables
Gavin Williamson/Instagram

Gavin Williamson, then. He’s back.

Theresa May’s Defence Secretary and committed Brexiter was sacked over an alleged leak of sensitive information in May; he subsequently embarked on an illuminating culinary journey, all documented on his personal Instagram account: He confessed to being a McDonald’s fan, frequently posed with ice cream sundaes, and posted a photograph of himself beaming with ex-Chancellor and now Evening Standard editor, George Osborne.

That was then. This is now. With a party leader on a Voyage of Culinary Discovery of his own, Williamson has taken inspiration — re-upping his own love of food in a bid to double-down on his reputation as British politics’ Alan Patridge for re-election in South Staffordshire so far featuring:

An arty sideways glance at Coffee 212 in Wombourne, Wolverhampton.

“Grabbing a cuppa but along the way campaigning in Great Wyrley, Wombourne, and in Dudley North,” he wrote.

A perfect Brexit moment with re-branded Brussels sprouts

“Wonderful rebranding of Brussels Sprouts to #brexit sprouts @essingtonfarm also an amazing farm shop and cafe,” he wrote. Essington farm shop in Wolverhampton claimed the small leafy vegetables had “nothing to do with Brussels,” the European capital from which they traditionally take their name.

A perfect Cornish moment with a massive pasty

“Well when in #cornwall you do have to have a #pasty,” he wrote. Hashtag cornwall, hashtag pasty. Huge.