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A Noble Steed Is Lost as a Lorry Full of Chocolate Explodes in Cheshire

Pour out some ganache

Chocolate lorry explodes in Cheshire Furlongs Candies

RIP to the noble chocolate lorry, for it was full of chocolate

A great loss to the world, as an entire lorry full of chocolate exploded overnight in Cheshire, according to the Daily Post, with the driver thankfully unhurt. Bar upon bar melting into charred, cocoa ooze. The conflict between the sweet smell and the conflagration. The sweet smell mingling with burning plastic and lorry parts and quickly becoming gross. Oh, and the inevitable puns:

The lorry enters a great pantheon of food truck spills, leaks, and crashes, and in this case, it’s fortunate that its cause was not sleep deprivation or overwork, a common phenomenon in large-scale food delivery. The affected road has now reopened.

And in other news...