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This Year’s Bake Off Winner Is Supporting a Pioneering Hackney Social Enterprise

David Atherton visited Better Health Bakery in Haggerston over the weekend

David, a contestant on Great British Bake Off 2019 Immediate/Channel 4

Fresh from victory in the big tent last month, David Atherton, winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off, has returned to the Hackney social enterprise where he’d previously volunteered for a year.

As reported by the Hackney Gazette, the 36-year-old health adviser donned an apron at Better Health Bakery in Haggerston over the weekend, which offers training placements for adults who have struggled with mental health issues and produces what he calls “the best sourdough in London”.

Atherton, who lives in south London, works for Voluntary Services Overseas and was both extremely calm under pressure and very enthusiastic about putting vegetables in cakes during his time on the show, spoke to reporters about the emotional benefits that baking can bring.

“I think having accomplished something — so starting with something that’s just flour, water, yeast and salt and ending up with a beautiful loaf you can eat, enjoy and share with people — I think that really helps your state of mind,” he said.