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McDonald’s Takes ~Fancy~ Burgers Off the Menu Because No-One Wants Them

The ‘Signature Collection’ has died a long-awaited death

McDonald’s U.K. has taken the signature collection burger off its menu, pictured here with a “reserved” sign and a knife and fork McDonald’s [Official Photo]

McDonald’s gives up on the “Signature Collection”

Fast food monolith McDonald’s has scrapped its “signature collection” after four years of trying to convince the U.K. that it could make, or indeed care about “gourmet” burgers. The trio of “Classic,” “BBQ,” and “Spicy” burgers, which helmed a brief publicity stunt around taking reservations last year are no more, with the company — which expects to generate £100 billion in sales worldwide this year — blaming poor uptake, according to the Mirror.

Given the way in which fast food corporations exploit people, animals, resources, and laws on a daily basis in service of profit, it’s not that McDonald’s “failed” here: using industrial beef farming to deliver burgers starting at £0.89p is how it makes its vast amounts of money, with the “premium” collection a jab at the gourmet burger boom that simply never landed. RIP ~fancy~ McDonald’s, we hardly knew ye. [Mirror]

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