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Only Waitrose Could Declare Fancy Crumpets the Breakout Food of 2019

Yotam Ottolenghi and Cornerstone’s Tom Brown have led the way in ... Something

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A lobster toast crumpet at Yotam Ottolenghi’s Rovi, credited for boosting crumpet sales across the nation Rovi [Official Photo]

Waitrose’s 2019 food trends are as Waitrose as could be

Premium supermarket Waitrose has credited Yotam Ottolenghi — okay — and Marcus Wareing — erm — for driving a singular food trend: The Posh Crumpet. Its 2019 Food and Drink Report says that sales of crumpets rose 27 percent this year, and attributes the rise — and, more shakily, what Waitrose shoppers are doing with those crumpets — to dishes like Ottolenghi’s prawn toast crumpet at Rovi in Fitzrovia and Marcus Wareing’s cockle butter crumpet that is nowhere to be found. It also declares cheese and Marmite a posh topping, which, no.

More highlights from the report include a rise in celery juice drinking, the phrase “skewered food is at the sharp end of fashion,” and the word “seaganism,” which is a self-regarding take on pescatarianism. Having already namedropped Ottolenghi, it goes on to declare “Middle Eastern food at home” a new trend — Plenty was published in 2010 — and, perhaps most interestingly, says that “very spicy foods,” like spicy meatballs, are on the rise.

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