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Gordon Ramsay Wants to Take His ‘Asian Eating House’ From London to Las Vegas

How will the shouty chef’s formerly “authentic” Lucky Cat fare on the strip?

Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat gets two more bad restaurant reviews Gordon Ramsay [Official Photo]

Gordon Ramsay thinks Las Vegas is down for his version of “Asian” food

Gordon Ramsay will open his formerly “authentic” “Asian eating house” in Las Vegas next year. Lucky Cat, which opened in Mayfair earlier this year, will arrive in Nevada around September 2020, according to Eater Las Vegas. Ramsay already has five restaurants in the city, and told a crowd at one of them, Gordon Ramsay Steak, that “We have an exciting opportunity, potentially for September 2020, to go with something that’s super cool, light, with an Asian influence.”

It’s much more moderate language than the authentic and vibrant tags he bulldozed into Mayfair with, and which opened up the restaurant to serious criticism over its respect for and approach to Japanese cuisine — which of course starts with reducing an entire continent’s food to a tagline, and to the menu of raw fish, grilled things, citrus, geisha iconography, and plush fabrics that dominates so many rich white male restaurateurs’ idea of an “Asian restaurant.” Will Las Vegas take to it? Time will tell. [Eater Las Vegas]

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