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Guess Which Starbucks Drink Has the Sugar Content of Four Large Muffins

Starbucks’ sugar-rich festive beverages are under fire again

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Starbucks [Official]

‘Tis the season for Starbucks drinks to get clobbered

Red cups are back, and with them mixed nutritional messaging: one minute adverts inviting you to eat yourself to a standstill, the next headlines warning that Starbucks’ Venti Starbucks Signature Caramel Hot Chocolate contains 23 teaspoons of sugar, or 92 grams — roughly the same as four large white chocolate and strawberry muffins or three cans of coke. The charity Action on Sugar described the findings as “shocking” and urged chains to “promote lower-sugar alternatives and stop pushing indulgent extras at the till”, while Starbucks insisted it was “committed to reducing sugar in all our beverages”. Same time next year, folks? [BBC]

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