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Brexit Supporter Suggests Brexit Cookbook With No Irony Whatsoever

Plus more London restaurant news today

Brexit food news: Telegraph editor and Spectator columnist Charles Moore pitches Brexit recipe book Policy Exchange [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

No-deal advocate suggests Brexit cookbook while endorsing smuggling

Charles Hilary Moore, in The Spectator: “Perhaps it is time for a Brexit recipe book, like those comforting wartime rationing ones full of bright ideas for dull things.” Moore is clearly unaware of the 2017 Brexit Cookbook: British Food for British People, featuring “majestically monocultural mains” and “flaky flimfam,” a.k.a. croissants. Irony isn’t dead after all. Moore also suggests “a centuries-old tradition of smuggling” could be revived, which presumably would feed the entire country, and not just an elite few who intend to reap the rewards of self-serving political chaos under the “one rule for us, another for the rest” model.

Gordon Ramsay is opening an “authentic Asian eating house”

It’s called Lucky Cat; the head chef worked at Sexy Fish; it’s all real.

Phone the Colonel to ease ordering anxiety

KFC will now offer drive-thru customers the chance to call ahead and place an order for collection, rather than ordering on arrival. No word on whether recorded menu is in Harlem Sanders’ accent. [Big Hospitality]

Coal Rooms duo will debut nose-to-tail residency at Carousel

Sam Bryant and Alicja Specjalna will bring something new called ‘Whole Beast’ to Carousel in Marylebone in March. Focussing on nose-to-tail cookery, this could be start of a new direction for the Peckham pair.


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