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New Supper Club Brings Sri Lankan Sambols and Jackfruit Curry to Brixton

Pol Boy will serve food that is “unapologetically Sri Lankan in flavour”

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Pol Boy Sri Lankan street food will launch a Brixton supper club in March Pol Boy [Official Photo]

Serendip supper club will bring vegan Sri Lankan cuisine to south London from March 2019, at Brixton Pound Café.

The supper club, hosted by Thuli, will serve “food that is unapologetically Sri Lankan in flavour,” refusing to play to Western expectations of spicing or seasoning. The menu for the debut supper club on 2 March promises a keenly trendy sambol sando, jackfruit and beetroot curries, tempered lentils, and a chocolate biscuit pudding. The food is vegan, taking cues from the Sri Lankan restaurants pocketed around London’s communities in East Ham, Tooting, and Wembley: “it represents contemporary Sri Lanka, and does not look toward a colonial past for inspiration.”

Serendip is an old Persian name for Sri Lanka, a linguistic transformation of an old Indian name, Sidhaleepa, meaning “the dwelling place of lions island.” The supper club will also respond to the Brixton currency from which its venue takes its name, with an allocation of pay-what-you-can spaces for locals.

Read more about Serendip Sri Lankan supper club and book tickets here.