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Quality Neighbourhood Restaurant ‘Closed Until Further Notice’ in Southeast London

Aside opened in Peckham in autumn 2017

Aside restaurant in Peckham is closed until further notice in southeast London Victor Frankowski/Aside

Aside restaurant in Peckham is closed until further notice, according to the restaurant’s Instagram. The neighbourhood restaurant — in the actual sense of the term — which also served one of London’s best Sunday roasts, opened in autumn 2017.

Opened by Rob Dunne in conjunction with Peckham’s Old Spike Roastery — which also has a hand in Coal Rooms, in Peckham Rye — dishes like Porthilly mussels, girolles, and lardo; chopped beef with charcoal oil; and baby leeks, pink fir potato, and Tunworth, exemplified a kind of practiced effortlessness that extended to a welcoming and thoughtfully designed room.

Dunne, writing on Instagram, said:

An Aside noun


a remark or passage in a play that is intended to be heard by the audience but unheard by the other characters in the play.

Over the past year and seven plus months we have become the local aside. A conversation, , a whisper, murur [sic] and possibly a secret . To all those who whispered our name, we are grateful for your time, words and experience. On designing and building a communal, hospitality driven space, you hope to create an environment in which resonates with the guests, an interaction in which creates the desire to return and share. I believe we have some of the best repeat guests I have experienced in 10 plus years of hospitality. We thank you for your time.

Eater has contacted Dunne for further comment on the future of the restaurant. More soon.

Coal Rooms

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