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My Million Pound Menu’s Latest Winner Is a Supper Club Inspired by the Silk Road

Devi’s devotes itself to advocating for women’s rights in the U.K. and abroad

My Million Pound Menu BBC winners Devi’s do supper clubs in Hackney and a street food stall in Maltby Street Market BBC [Official Photo]

Bermondsey and Hackney-based supper stall and supper club Devi’s is the latest winner of My Million Pound Menu. Founded by Tanya Gohil, the self-described “plant-focused, female-led food concept” won mentorship from Caravan Restaurants co-founder Laura Harper-Hinton on the BBC One show.

Gohil credits her mother, aunt, and grandmother with the impetus to use food as a tool of social change, with Devi’s all-female team collaborating on community food projects in south east London, the Women’s Chai Project’s domestic violence initiative, and Refugee Council’s ‘conscious cooking’ programme. The Maltby Street Market stall and Hackney supper clubs focus on Gohil’s Indo-Kenyan heritage, as well as the historic trade route of the Silk Road. Feta with tomatoes, sumac, and honey might share a menu with Gujarati bateta — potatoes smashed with marrowfat peas, cashews, nigella seeds and lemon.

Devi’s is the latest London winner across the show’s two series. Filipino food stall BBQ Dreamz earned a pop-up at Meatliquor King’s Cross following victory in January, while chef Ruth Hansom and sommelier Emily Lambert plotted a new restaurant after winning under the Million Pound Menu title last year. That restaurant is yet to materialise.

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