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A New East London Mexican Restaurant Wants to Do Things Differently

Pepitos has opened on Mare Street near London Fields aiming to swerve Tex-Mex stereotypes

A new Mexican restaurant has opened in a developing pocket of east London. Pepitos — a taqueria and burrito spot, which says it wants to do things differently — joins Bright, Mare Street Market, and Martello Hall as relative newcomers to the London Fields park limits.

The owners told Eater that the emphasis is on “Mexican cuisine with none of the ‘Tex-Mex’ stereotypes. We’re focused on honest, playful and creative food, that pushes the boundaries of traditional Mexican cuisine.”

For those excited at the arrival of a real upgrade on London’s better Mexican restaurants — despite some good dishes and plenty of intent, it is a cuisine that remains properly under-represented in the city — a burger and a “Mexican twist on a poke bowl” are surprising inclusions on an otherwise straight-shooting menu. (It’s also worth remembering that real Tex-Mex — perhaps not the lame British imitations of it — is unworthy of such a malignance.)

“We mindfully source our ingredients, using organic and grass-fed meat in our dishes and work with local businesses to support our community,” the owners added.

“By taking inspiration from around the world and mixing it with the flavours and recipes of Mexico, we create honest, delicious food that people love and share. Our dishes are made from scratch every day,” chef Ernesto promises.

The short menu includes a selection of tacos, a burrito, fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, and churros. There are snacks, too, including totopos with guacamole, and nachos.

More soon.

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