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Lemon Meringue Pie Is a Zingy Dessert Trend Waiting to Happen

The reign of crème caramel is over in London

Lemon meringue pie is a London restaurant dessert trend in waiting Emma Hughes/Eater London

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is well-stocked.

News of the week

It may not look like it outside, but spring is undeniably upon us. This week brings not one but two culinary harbingers of sunnier weather ahead, confirmation that a season of rebirth and renewal is finally here. The first: the 2019 debut of La Grotta Ices at Spa Terminus. The second — and far more significant, from a would-be Instagrammer’s point of view — is the news that Towpath Café is back in business for all your canal-adjacent flatlay needs. Get ready to see a lot more green tabletop over the coming weeks.

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The good times are back

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the truest sign that winter is behind us

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Green Day of the week

Sunday was, of course, St Patrick’s Day — a storied occasion with a whole host of associated traditions. Those seeking to do the thing right could be found at Richard Corrigan’s legendary knees-up at his Mayfair restaurant; elsewhere, there was more than enough green stuff and Guinness to keep Instagram happy.

Happy birthdays of the week

More celebrations ahoy, as two of 2018’s best-received restaurants mark the end of a highly successful first year.

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A year ago today I finally picked up the keys to my baby after 7 long months of frustrating negotiations with the seller and the landlord. As you can see from the pictures, the site looked VERY different before I got it. It took three months to completely refurbish it, on a bootstrap, with no restaurant designer or architect on board. You can see my hand annotated plans. I also taught myself how to use a 3D modelling program! All of the careful measuring was to no avail though, as invariably things shifted during the build which left the restaurant floor space smaller than I had hoped. Hey, but I did it. With a little help from my dad managing the builders (he enjoyed it tbf), @mstrgringo with the branding and interior artwork design, @greateropacity with the sparkling signage. But I have to say, if I ever open another restaurant, I will definitely save enough money to hire restaurant-specific space designers and builders ‍♀️ • Restaurants don't just magically appear. There is so much work that happens behind the scenes just to get one open. And the process really taught me to prioritise and see the wood from the trees. This is why generally nowadays it takes quite a lot to push me over the edge, because you really have to get used to restaurant life being a moving target what's the point in getting angry or too stressed about something that you can't change or control? • My approach is to take things one step at a time, and to find the simplest most practical solution to a problem as quickly as possible. Don't look back once you've made a decision otherwise you'll be second-guessing yourself every minute. What's done is done, so you just have to make the best of what you have ☺ What I have today is a living breathing restaurant. I am proud of what I have achieved from scratch and still owning 100% control of my company. If you put your head down, graft and don't give up, anything really is possible

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Gelato enthusiast of the week

One scoop? Pah. Two scoops? Amateur. True gelato, sorbet, and ice cream aficionados order by the *checks caption, pauses* half-litre?d

Takeover of the week

A well-deserved break for Nick Bramham, pan-rattler at one of London’s best wine-and-small-plates joints, has temporarily opened the door for Quality Chop House executive chef Shaun Searley. His opening blackboard menu makes it fairly clear that he is not f***ing around. One week still remains of what is surely the only residency in London where a caviar crab crumpet is quite possibly the least decadent thing on the menu.

Life imitates emoji of the week


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Payoff of the week

Definitely one worth watching to the end, this

Incoming trend of the week

They say three makes a trend, so this may be a premature call. But after sightings of a specific, nostalgia-heavy dessert at both adored Shoreditch newcomer Gloria and adored Newington Green restaurant and bakery Jolene, could 2019 be the year of… The lemon meringue pie?

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Lemon Meringue

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Invention test of the week

There is no way these ingredients add up to a satisfying, coherent meal, unless the dog is also fair game as a main course.

Dish of the week

Send bread.

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Quail and wild garlic Kiev

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Shot of the week

Send salad.

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