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The London Restaurant Industry Marched Against Brexit

The People’s Vote march brought chefs, writers, and influencers out in force

Jamon, gammon: in reference to this gentleman’s preference for fine Spanish charcuterie over a particular brand of retrograde white male politician
Fiona Beckett

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is chronic.

News of the week

The link between London’s food and Westminster politics has surely never been shown as starkly as it has in the past few years, with practically the entire industry — minus a few notable exceptions — lamenting and raging against Brexit. Unsurprisingly, last weekend’s march saw chefs and food writers take to the streets to make an impassioned case for a people’s vote. Could it actually work? Will next weekend see a march for a People’s Indicative Vote instead? As ever with all things Brexit, it’s super-fun that all permutations for the nation’s future are still on the table!

Budding photographers of the week

After last week’s official confirmation that spring has sprung, it was only natural that the feed would be blessed with images of the coming season in all its glorious florescence. Think: green stuff; floral stuff; green and floral stuff. Batten down the hatches: this won’t be the last of it.

Disappointing pudding of the week


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Advice of the week


Austerity-bucking trend of the week

Is the new alt-brunch… Luxe brunch? First, the usual dim sum blowout got a lick of gold paint at Imperial Treasure — now it’s the turn of Chiswick’s Hedone to elevate the weekend’s most blurry-eyed meal to soigné destination dining level, with surely the only menu in town that sees a burger share real estate with golden oscietra caviar and baby red mullet. Avocado toast this most certainly is not.

Existential threat to this column of the week

A bespoke food photography app, backed by none other than the Domestic Goddess™ herself? Look forward to an instalment of FOODIM Stories, coming soon.

Envy-inducing holiday snap of the week

Need sunshine snaps to slake Instagram’s endless thirst for content? Send them to Belize.

Dish of the week

Spring, sprung?

Shot of the week

Spring, sprung.


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