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Michelin-Starred Restaurant Gives Two Dead Ducks to Animal Rights Activists

The Square’s Clément Leroy was in combative mode over foie gras in Mayfair

Michelin-starred restaurant The Square was visited by DXE animal rights protesters — chef Clement Leroy presented them with two dead ducks DXE/Facebook

Absolute scenes in Mayfair this lunchtime, as chef Clément Leroy responded to animal rights activists with a pair of raw ducks at Michelin-starred Mayfair restaurant The Square. Leroy served the dead brace to Direct Action Everywhere — DXE — protesters, who were inside the restaurant remonstrating over foie gras. It was a story first reported by the Daily Mail.

The protesters had arrived with placards featuring the slogan “IT’S NOT FOOD IT’S VIOLENCE” and photos of ducks being force-fed, per the traditional — and now widely derided — methods of foie gras production. Leroy’s response, then, was nothing if not considered — even if it did, according to the Mail, “disrupt” the planned demonstration.

One activist commented on the health and safety ramifications: “He was waving dead bodies around far from the food preparation area. I’m sure local food safety officers will be interested in his actions.” Leroy, who, ironically, was brought in by the Square’s owners to serve food “lighter and brighter than conventional French fine dining,” is yet to comment.

The Square was at the centre of another, less foul controversy in 2017, as Michelin forgot to announce its Michelin star.

Here’s another picture of Leroy with his brace.

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