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Time-Consuming, Frilly Pancakes Only Deserve One Day in the Spotlight

London’s Instagrammers love the frilly-edged, one-day-per-year treat regardless

Best London pancakes: Corazon Corazón

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is a light lunch.

News of the week

Shrove Tuesday is that one special day a year when everyone remembers why they don’t bother with pancakes for the other 364. But Instagram sure does love a festive hook, and so the feed was blessed with shot after shot of the frilly, time-consuming, irritatingly temperamental delicacies in all their glory. Bonus point to a certain Chinese restaurant for some top-notch bandwagon-jumping.

Alt-pancake of the week

All the calories, none of the faff. Semla FTW.

Too many cooks of the week

To the Dorchester, for a one-off dinner in support of Leukaemia Awareness, where the sheer (Michelin) star power on offer would be enough to light a small town for a year. Someone get Marvel on the phone: with the Avengers franchise reaching its endgame, here’s a suggestion for the next great costumed hero mashup.

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Who’s cooking dinner tonight

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Who is cooking dinner 2019

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Bar snack of the week

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@thedukeofrichmond knows how to pub. #monstermunchlove

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Accidentally Wes Anderson of the week

[Insert whimsical animation of old-timey technology soundtracked by zither music here]

Hack of the week

Not for the faint-hearted.

Thrillseeker of the week

To think how easily the world could have lost the architect of the single greatest burn in the platform’s history.

Dish of the week

Cornerstone, take a back seat. There’s a new hottest crumpet in town.

Shot of the week

Swipe right for unbridled joy.


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