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A First Look at P. Franco’s Brand New Dinner Menu

“Induction commander,” Túbo Logier takes charge for the first time tonight

London’s best restaurant pop-ups and residencies right now: P. Franco
A tarragon and white chocolate popsicle at P. Franco in Clapton
P. Franco [Official Photo]

Tonight marks the first dinner service for the latest resident chef — Túbo Logier — at Hackney’s award-winning and category-defying wine bar, P. Franco.

Logier who most recently worked at Luca, the Brit-Italian pasta-and-more restaurant in Clerkenwell; before that he cooked at the Michelin-starred Clove Club in Shoreditch; at both, the Vietnam-born 23-year-old worked as sous chef. At P. Franco, the self-styled “induction commander” — in reference to the three induction hobs chefs are provided — Logier will cook his own food for the first time.

When Logier’s residency was announced last month, the chef said it would be hard to identify his cooking as one style or cuisine. “I’m using food more to explore my Asian roots and tying it together with being brought up with European food in a fun, interesting and creative way, using all the techniques I’ve been influenced by in the kitchens I’ve worked.”

White asparagus with fish sauce “caramel”
P. Franco [Official Photo]
London’s best restaurant pop-ups and residencies right now: P. Franco
Tarragon and white chocolate popsicle
P. Franco [Official Photo]

Logier’s first menu, which runs tonight, tomorrow and Saturday evening, as well as Sunday afternoon, has been shared with Eater. It includes white asparagus with fish sauce “caramel” and chicken skin; pigs brains on toast with sauce gribiche; golden beetroot, blood orange, egg yolk sauce, and lardo; chicken oysters and pil pil sauce; Jersey mids, wild garlic, and smoked fish; tarragon and white chocolate popsicle.

The full menu:


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