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British Airways Brands Up Mini Marmite to Save Travellers From Yeasty Despair

Come Dine With Me has finally spawned a restaurant, and more food news today

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Marmite and British Airways will make mini Marmite available for travellers — airport security confiscate the yeast extract on a regular basis British Airways [Official Photo]

Join the marmite amnesty

British Airways is celebrating its centenary by launching a label for jars of Marmite. The cult-followed, borderline marketed yeast extract spread — subject to scrutiny over recipe conspiracies and most recently embarking on a classically divisive blend with peanut butteris frequently reported as one of the most confiscated items at British airports. British Airways is benevolently solving the problem and earning itself some marketing kudos by offering the jars for purchase inflight, while London City Airport is today holding a marmite amnesty, so unfortunate passengers can swap their contraband jars for small, #brand goods. It’s not the first time the airport has offered a marmite amnesty, and, more pressingly, 70g, airline security-compliant jars are available to buy in supermarkets and online, without a BA label, for less money. Some are less excited than others about the prospect. [Business Traveller]

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