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Instagram has changed how many people experience restaurants. For how long will it last?
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Eater Talks | How Has Instagram Changed Restaurants?

How much has Instagram changed the way Londoners experience restaurants?

Eater Talks: How Instagram has changed the way we eat

Wednesday, 24 April — 7:00 p.m.

Eater London and the Ace Hotel will continue their ongoing restaurant industry discussion series this month, with a new moderator and new topic: How Instagram has changed — and is changing — the way we eat?

During the 90-minute discussion, panelists from different fields within the London restaurant industry will join host Adam Coghlan for a conversation on Instagram food, a changing media, and relevance in the age of the under brag.

In the era of social media and 24-hours news, when the focus is so often on what’s new and what’s hot, when restaurant-goers are as committed to documenting their experience for others to see as they are in the experience itself, this talk will seek to understand how Instagram has influenced what chefs put on their menus, how the world consumes food outside of restaurants in 2019, and consider the new pressures faced both by mainstays and innovators in the industry.

The panel will include Instagrammer and political journalist, Felicity Spector, PR Frankie Reddin, and food writer George Reynolds, who will explore whether Instagram is ruining restaurants, or if ‘Instafood’ is a fad that will fade out.

This Eater London x Ace Hotel discussion will take place on Wednesday, 24 April from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tickets cost £15, and include one drink.

Artwork by Brittany Holloway-Brown

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