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Morrisons Could Use Deliveroo for Groceries

Wetherspoons profits are dropping after paying staff liveable wages, and more food news today

General View Of Morrisons Supermarket Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Could Deliveroo take over grocery deliveries?

Morrisons could use Amazon and Deliveroo to fulfil grocery deliveries after loosening its ties with Ocado. The trade-off allows Ocado to reclaim badly needed warehouse space currently held for Morrisons groceries, after a fire last year caused a shortfall in the company’s logistical capacity. While Deliveroo has already partnered with Co-Op and smaller convenience stores to fulfil grocery orders, fulfilling larger supermarket orders could be another string to its bow as the London restaurant delivery market gets increasingly competitive, with Uber Eats and Just Eat one-upping each other with new features as often as possible. At present, Amazon’s logistical network is far better placed to take on large deliveries, but Deliveroo’s ability to fulfil small orders in cities on demand could give it a small, but significant advantage. [Guardian]

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