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Brexiter Liam Fox Really Wants to Eat Chlorinated Chicken

International trade secretary Liam Fox insists washing chickens in chlorine is about welfare only

Chlorinated chicken in the U.K. after Brexit would not be a food standards issue for Liam Fox, but Michael Gove disagrees Getty Images

Brexiter Liam Fox really wants to eat chlorinated chicken

U.K. international trade secretary and ardent Brexit supporter Liam Fox has claimed that “there’s been no argument about food safety on chlorine-washed chicken — it’s been an argument about animal welfare,” at an Institute for Government event. The reality is that chlorinated chicken — a lightning rod for a much broader and complex conversation about Brexit’s consequences for food standards in the U.K. — is a food standards issue, particularly for Michael Gove, who gave a memorably hard no to the meat two years ago. The practice goes hand in hand with the lack of poultry welfare regulation in the U.S.: functioning as a catch-all that could hide a multitude of sins further up the production chain. Naturally, not all U.S. poultry farms will have terrible practices, and there’s the simple fact that ‘chlorinated chicken’ just sounds horrible, even if it were the apex predator of washing chickens. Unfortunately for Fox — whose poultry desperation is inextricably linked to a desire to trade with Donald Trump — his assertion that there is “no argument” is just another Brexit-adjacent lie. [Independent]

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