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This Is Not Just a Sandwich, This Is a Marks and Spencer LGBTQ+ Sandwich

Gourmet sausage restaurant will close after two months in Islington, plus more food news today

Pride Month 2019 starts with an LGBTQ+ sandwich from Marks and Spencer @pumpitlowda/Twitter

Marks and Spencer creates ‘colourful’ sandwich for Pride

A lettuce, bacon, guacamole, and tomato sandwich with rainbow branding is turning heads in Ireland, with Marks and Spencer offering it up at €4.45 (£3.82.) The supermarket, which recently revived its famous “This is not just...” advertising campaign for new products like San Francisco-style sourdough and fish and chips with scraps, has confirmed that it is also putting (some) money where its mouth is, donating £10,000 to the Albert Kennedy Trust — a youth homelessness charity in the U.K. for the LGBTQ+ community — and €1000 to BeLong To Youth Services, which supports LGBTI+ youth community in Ireland. Donations aside, reaction to the sandwich remains mixed, with concerns over its place in the ever-expanding ‘gay-for-pay’ food and restaurant branding strategy, whereby restaurants donate scant margins, or even no money at all to LGBTQ+ causes, while using Pride month and its rainbow iconography as a marketing tool for technicolour bagels, cupcakes, or whatever Instagram-bait they may choose. [Twitter]

And in other news...

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