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Protester Launches Five Guys Milkshake at Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage

The far-right leader caught unawares while campaigning in the north east. He is livid

Nigel Farage Undertakes A Whistle-Stop Tour Of England
Nigel Farage is the latest far-right political individual to be hit by a milkshake
Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Nigel Farage is the latest far-right politician to be hit by a milkshake while campaigning for this week’s European elections. The Brexit Party leader had been giving an address in Newcastle city centre this afternoon. In video footage that has appeared online, the leader — splattered, from the chest down, looking dejected — can be heard expressing his frustration with the apparent security breach. “How did you not stop that?” he asks members of his security detail. “It’s a complete failure; could have spotted that a mile off.”

Farage joins UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin (four times) and former English Defence League leader (who is now running as an independent candidate) Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson who was hit twice) as the third high-profile, pro-Brexit candidate to be targeted by the hitherto unweaponised dairy.

Such has been the regularity with which so-called milkshakings have taken place in recent weeks, efforts had been made by police to mitigate the risk of another “attack” with fast food outlets such as McDonald’s prevented from selling milkshakes while Farage and his entourage were in Newcastle.

Unfortunately for Farage, in this instance, it appears that the offending milkshake had come from Five Guys, which has an outlet on Northumberland Street, opposite where the Brexit Party leader had been giving his address.

The offending milkshake appears to be from Five Guys
Twitter/”artwork” by Adam Coghlan

In a detailed look at this new form of political protest, Anoosh Chakelian in the New Statesman quotes Dr Benjamin Franks, social and political philosophy lecturer, who says: “It also makes [those hit] look foolish, undermining their self-image of power and control. The bathos of the great leader brought low by a drink associated with children is highly effective.”