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Beyond Meat Ramps Up Bleeding Burger Production in Europe

U.K. restaurant chains were financially hammered last year, and more restaurant news today

Beyond Meat’s plant-based bleeding burger will soon be produced in Europe and is likely to head to UK restaurants
Stand by for bleeding vegetable protein
Beyond Meat [Official Photo]

The race to conquer the U.K. bleeding burger market hots up

Beyond Meat has signed a deal to produce its bleeding vegan burgers in Europe, in a move that should make its fake meat market more accessible for U.K. restaurants. The partnership with Netherlands-based company Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat boosted the company’s shares by a further 8 percent, in the wake of its much-publicised initial public offer at the start of May.

Its closest competitor is Impossible Foods, which raised $300 million of its own two weeks ago and is already plotting to roll out its plant-based patty with Burger King by the end of the year. Beyond Meat, meanwhile, has a foothold in the supermarket — with Tesco — and has won approval from diners at U.K. chain Honest Burgers.

The net takeaway here remains kind of gross: an increase in production only broadens the very real question about how economies of scale will affect a product that purports to be helping to liberate the planet from systems of meat production that thrive on the convenience and ubiquity that it is gaining for itself day by day. More immediately: fake meat is definitely coming for the U.K. Longterm: is fake meat going to scale as destructively as the flesh it wants to replace? [CNBC]

And in other news...

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