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British Freshwater Prawns Are Getting High on Cocaine

Tommy Robinson needs to work on his milkshake ducking, and more food news today

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Royal Ascot Feature: Behind The Scenes Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse

The party lifestyle of U.K. freshwater prawns finally catches up with them

Well, not quite. A study at King’s College London examining freshwater wildlife in Suffolk found traces of cocaine and ketamine in across 15 test sites around the county. Researchers were surprised by the findings in such a rural part of the U.K., with the shrimp that are typically sold dried as food for other fish, including carp, exhibiting findings that would typically be expected in, say, the Thames, where eels have started acting erratically as a result of overzealous usage. As well as ‘enjoying’ cocaine, these shrimp — or scuds — are also allegedly partial to cucumber, red pepper, and watercress. [KCL]

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