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London’s Most Photogenic Pastries Get a New Home in London Fields

Pophams Bakery will open a second site, complete with pasta bar

Pophams Bakery will bring its croissants and pastries to London Fields in Hackney this June Issy Croker/Pophams Bakery

One of London’s most successful new bakeries has announced plans for a second site at 197 Richmond Road in London Fields, taking over from Rawduck. Pophams Bakery, which has earned fame online for its highly photogenic laminated pastries, will expand into Hackney with a bakery, pasta bar, and evening restaurant, as reported by BDaily. Given Rawduck’s reasons for closure were “challenging market conditions,” those challenging conditions must apply to Instagrammable pastries more so than Instagrammable drinking vinegars.

The new operation will be considerably larger than the first, with a pasta kitchen and nighttime restaurant joining the roster of baked goods. Pophams’ weekend specialities have won particular adoration from fans who love to take pictures of them, including lemon curd and poppyseed; rhubarb and brûléed custard; and a peanut butter, jam, and banana number. Expect them to star, at scale, with new fillings, at this new site: “The site will have space for 45 covers, giving diners the option to sit at a unique chef’s table to watch their baked goods and fresh pasta being made.” Natural wines are also expected to feature in the evening, as per bakery trends.

Pasta will be run by current baker Phil King — diners should expect the maximalist, expansive approach to traditional croissants and pastries to continue in the offer.

Co-founder Ollie Gold said: “Since the opening of our first shop, which we developed from a derelict chemist, we’ve taken a hands-on approach with all aspects of the business and this has helped us go from strength to strength.”

Gold also commented on his delight at joining “a fantastic community of artisan bakeries based in Hackney such as E5 Bakehouse, Violet and Dusty Knuckle.” A fantastic community it is — it is also one that gets evermore saturated, particularly with E5 and Pophams’ new site so close to each other.

Pophams will open at 197 Richmond Road, E8 3NJ, this June. More soon.

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