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Gavin Williamson’s Ministerial Funemployment Is a Culinary Journey

London’s only vegan fish and chip shop flips to chicken, and more food news today

Gavin Williamson’s sacking by Theresa May over Huawei leak leads to a culinary journey
Gavin Williamson, the former defence secretary turned sundae lover
Gavin Williamson/Instagram

What does a former defence secretary do with free time? Put food on Instagram

British prime minister Theresa May sacked Gavin Williamson last week over an alleged leak of sensitive information. The fallout has featured smear allegations, whispers of a real, more personal reason for his dismissal, and some aspiring-influencer Instagram content from Williamson. Self-professed McDonald’s fan, and frequent ice cream sundae eater, Williamson returned to an old favourite to start funemployment, reflecting on the chasm between his planned dinner “with the US Defence Secretary at Lancaster House. Obviously things change and you just can’t beat a @mcdonalds.” No #sponsored tag in sight, but the broad smile, prominent placement of the burger giant’s logo, and slightly unnatural pose suggest Williamson has a bright future leaving inane emoji ‘comments’ beneath his peers’ snaps. And how to “round off a grim week with something wonderful?” Another ice cream sundae, of course. Perhaps it’s the polished aura of a quasi-official government ‘brand’ account interacting with a difficult personal time; perhaps it’s the resolute grin; whatever it is, the brand deals will be in any day now. Telecoms could be a place to start. [Instagram]

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