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Yoda Loves Cod’s Roe on Flatbread Just Like Anybody Else

Squid ink flatbreads shimmering with glitter are canon on Dagobah

London restaurant Black Axe Mangal went to town for Star Wars Day 2019 Black Axe Mangal [Official Photo]

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is food for thought.

News of the week

A platform usually thirsty for a contextual hook for its content found itself suddenly overwhelmed with potential angles this week, as a single seven-day span saw a Bank Holiday, Star Wars Day, and Cinco de Mayo. Have at it (from whatever altitude works for you)!

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MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU #blackaxemangal

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Happy picante de Mayo ☀️

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Divisive delicacy of the week

For some, gull’s eggs are among the most sought-after of rarities, with a compellingly rich and complex flavour that more than justifies the occasionally controversial practices that surround the act of collecting them. For others, they just taste gross, ethical dimension be damned. But these days there is another angle to consider: now that Instagram has fallen in love with novelty eggshells, could 2019 be the year that one of the prettiest examples in the avian kingdom goes Insta-viral?

Birthdays of the week

This week commemorates five years of Shoreditch institution Lyle’s and a mind-blowing 15 years of Hackney’s beloved Bistrotheque. If restaurant lifespans were measured in the equivalent of dog years, this would be like celebrating a 21st and 60th in the same seven days. In other words, any hangovers round east London way are very much justified.

Missed opportunity for an epic musical pun of the week

Isn’t this a... Stairway to Leaven?

Serving suggestion of the week

Just add an olive.

Rivalry of the week

Last time round it was sandwiches, now it’s Indian-inspired breakfast fare. Fittingly, the pugnaciously-named Wrestler’s Naan feels like it could compete it both bouts.

Week of the week

Stock imagery, a glorious-sounding pie, butchery photos that look like lost footage from the Hostel franchise, homemade deli meat, and a piece de resistance of Lovecraftian splendour. A fitting champion.

Dish of the week

As per last week’s column, it was always likely that the brunch at Marksman was going to be worth a look. But, yikes.

Shot / borage forager of the week

Green pasta? Over it! Bring on the blue.


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