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Starbucks Wants Gatwick Travellers to Stop Using Paper Cups

The “best restaurant in the U.K.” is no longer in London, and more food news today

Starbucks Coffee Gatwick Airport trials reusable cup scheme Zute Lightfoot

Starbucks wants travellers to ditch paper cups

The only global coffee chain with a boss who was hubristic enough to hint at, but not really run for U.S. president is taking a more achievable step to improving the world. Starbucks will trial a 2,000 strong circulation of reusable cups at Gatwick Airport, with dedicated drop-off points for dirty cups. Anyone in need of paper will have to take the extra 5p that currently goes on at all Starbucks stores. The sort-of closed loop of an airport seems like a smart place to encourage further reuse — if only for one type of airport person — provided, of course, that coffee drinkers don’t fly away with their cup. It’s worth noting that drop-off points are in the South Terminal only, and also worth noting that dining at Gatwick doesn’t have to be terrible. [Propel]

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