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Domino’s Tried to Deliver Four Cheeseburger Pizzas to the Queen of England

The prank was discovered when the delivery driver arrived at Buckingham Palace

Dominos pizza delivery sent four pizzas to the Queen at Buckingham Palace in London Pizza: Domino’s [Official Photo]; Queen: Getty Images; Composite: Eater London

A Domino’s pizza delivery driver was stopped at the gates of Buckingham Palace last week, trying to deliver four large cheeseburger pizzas to ... “Elizabeth.” Absolute scenes.

The story goes thus, according to the Mirror: Domino’s Victoria receives an order for four large cheeseburger pizzas by phone, with the hungry caller promising to pay for the pizza in cash on delivery. Domino’s Victoria duly makes the four cheeseburger pizzas, and gives them to a driver. The driver sets off to his appointed address: Buckingham Palace.

Arriving at Buckingham Palace, the driver cannot deliver the pizzas as usual, because this is Buckingham Palace, and there are guards. The driver tells the guards he has four cheeseburger pizzas for Elizabeth. The guards probably snicker inside, but are also delighted, because they have been standing outside Buckingham Palace all day doing very little indeed.

The guards check with the palace as to whether the Queen of England has ordered four cheeseburger pizzas from Domino’s.

She has not.

The driver leaves.