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Stock Traders Lost £313 Million Betting Against Bleeding Burgers

A huge new food ‘theatre’ arrives in London, and more food news today

Beyond Meat’s plant-based bleeding burger will soon be produced in Europe and is likely to head to UK restaurants Beyond Meat [Official Photo]

Fake meat means big money, and big money means big losses

Speculators “shorting” — betting against — Beyond Meat’s stock in the USA have been left embarrassed after an unexpected climb led to a collective $398 million (£313 million) loss. Meanwhile, Beyond Meat’s patty is getting ‘even meatier’ ahead of planned US expansion and a new European production facility that should bring its burgers ever closer to the London market. With coconut oil and cocoa butter ‘marbling,’ apple extract that will turn brown as it cooks, and pea, mung bean and rice proteins, it’s just another day in the fake meat arms race with Impossible Foods, which, as ever, needs to be scrutinised for its messy morals and the co-option of purported environmental and ethical good. [CNBC]

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