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Britons Ranked Their Favourite British Foods and Everybody Lost Their Damn Minds

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Pie and mash in London: London’s best pie and mash shops include Eel and Pie House in Leytonstone Jonathan Hatchman/Eater London

The population of Britain should never vote again

A YouGov poll in which Britons were asked to rank “classic British foods” has led to a tiered ranking of foods that should shame a nation. The poll — which covered both sweet and savoury dishes — has, intriguingly, not provoked a lot of specific reactions as to which dishes are in the wrong tiers, but more a tidal wave of barely contained fury, as if the country knows not just what the correct result should be, but also that it has deeply, and irrevocably, effed things up. Sound familiar?

Some choice observations: both Yorkshire puddings and Sunday roasts are in the ‘God’ tier, which is taking the proverbial. The poll leans incredibly Middle England centric, relegating absolutely outstanding Scottish, Welsh, and particular regional dishes to lower tiers. Black pudding being in the crap tier is an abomination, so too faggots, haggis — even though that was originally English, sorry! — liver, and kippers. Get over offal, Britain; and, consider, that this is another instance of a country that largely believes that cultural appropriation and disrespect in food are myths getting extremely mad over perceived cultural disrespect of food! [YouGov]

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