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Ed Sheeran’s Tomato Ketchup Advert Has a Dig at Fancy Fine Dining

The pop star loves Gymkhana’s butter chicken, but not fancy places with too many forks

Ed Sheeran’s Heinz Tomato Ketchup advert sees The Shape of You pop star covering his food in ketchup at a Michelin star cliché restaurant Heinz/Youtube

Ed Sheeran’s main gripe with fine dining is too many forks

Ed Sheeran’s Heinz tomato ketchup advert sees The Shape of You and I Don’t Care pop star taking a cliché-ridden swipe at Michelin-star/fancy/fine dining restaurants. Sheeran is a known ketchup stan, with a tattoo on his arm, and his love for the condiment is on full display as he describes a “super posh” restaurant full of chandeliers, classical music, and “too many forks.” When served a “posh and fancy blah blah blah, farm-to-table blah blah blah, with a side of blah blah blah,” Sheeran whips out a ketchup bottle. Props to Heinz for selecting glass, as thumping the side as it reluctantly spurts out is achingly awkward, the waiter “screaming through his eyes.”

Sheeran’s ability to parlay himself into his favourite things — see Game of Thrones has another boost, as he sent Heinz a tweet and direct message to get the ad made, although the brand with 57 varieties was unlikely to ghost one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Sheeran’s love of tomato-based products does not end here: he is regularly spotted at Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Gymkhana, which recently closed after a fire, where he enjoys butter chicken. Without ketchup. [Youtube]

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