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New Channel 4 Documentary Will Chart the Life and Career of Jamie Oliver

20 Years Of The Naked Chef: Jamie Bares All will be hosted by Davina McCall

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Jamie Oliver, TV chef and cookbook author, will discuss The Naked Chef, the fall of Jamie’s Italian, his time as a brand ambassador for both Sainsbury’s and Tesco, and more in a new Channel 4 documentary on his life and career.

20 Years Of The Naked Chef: Jamie Bares All, which does not yet have an air date, will be presented by Davina McCall, of Big Brother fame, and, according to Channel 4, will highlight “memorable Jamie moments from the past two decades.” Including “the highs and lows, his accidental discovery at The River Café, his rise to fame as iconic Brit-pop chef, his restless campaigning to improve the food system, and the more recent closure of his much-loved restaurant group.

It marks the twentieth anniversary of Oliver’s breakout show, The Naked Chef — a youthful, unusually candid, very London (Italian) cookery show, largely shot at the chef’s home in Old Street, in 2009. The show promises interviews and talking-heads from celebrities, politicians, and “an honest and intimate snapshot of Oliver family life.”

Channel 4 says that Oliver will discuss some of his difficult times in the spotlight, and “lays bare the truth about being The Naked Chef.” In it, he will explain what motivates him, his campaign work in the U.K., “as he outlines his vision for the future and how he would like to spend the next 10 years.” Despite the recent collapse of Oliver’s restaurant empire, the chef’s brand, TV shows, and cookbooks remain extremely valuable — two years ago, his company paid him a dividend of £4 million.

About it, Jamie Oliver said: “Wow, 20 years. So much has happened in that time. Davina is a brave woman to come and get a taste of life with five kids in the Oliver household!

“But it’s been a pleasure to welcome her in and show her what my world is really like, at home and work. I hope everyone enjoys looking back with me at the past two decades, remembering the amazing times and some tough times… not to mention a few dodgy haircuts along the way.”


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