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Who Is the U.K.’s Best Dressed Chef?

And more important questions unanswered on Instagram this week

National Restaurant Awards 2019 sees U.K.’s best chefs and restaurants wear awful clothes National Restaurant Awards/Instagram

Welcome back to Insta Stories, a column examining the London restaurant scene through the often-problematic medium of Instagram. This week’s filter is the vines of duty.

News of the week

Surprising exactly no one, the opening of lamination sensation Pophams’ second bakery in London Fields was the talk of the virtual town this week, with everyone and their dog queuing up for some predictably Insta-friendly patisserie. No sign of the promised pasta or confit dippy egg yolk yet — but a new, mildly erotic nectarine and ginger number should be enough to sate hype-thirsty ‘grammers for the time being, until a fuller menu launches in a few weeks.

Lewks of the Week

Who wore it worst?

Unhealthy realisation of the week

It really isn’t good for you.

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Thanks Kyle

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Healthy realisation of the week

Not jelly beans!

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Second lunch.

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Kickstart of the week

Snackbar, the long-gestating snack bar (and more) from Freddie Janssen and Anaïs van Manen, is no longer just a cool logo. The project reached its Kickstarter goal this week, meaning that an already-exceptional stretch of edible real estate – with Little Duck The Picklery, The Dusty Knuckle, and Newcomer Wines all in touching distance – is set to get even better.

Crockery of the week

Hopes of a People’s Yolk seem to be diminishing by the day.

Potential collaboration of the week

“Long Boys at Coqfighter”: probably not one to search on the work computer.

Inspirational tome of the week

Coming to a #7favouritecookbooks post soon.

Insta-pilgrimage of the week

It’s been up and running for a while, but all the signs are that Henrietta Inman’s restaurant residency at the Yardarm, Leyton, might have hit the tipping point and become one of the must-visit sites on any respectable Insta-tourist’s hit list. And who could blame them, when presented with food this beautiful?

On-brand catering of the week

How to eat a feast.

Menu of the week

English: the only language in which “butter” can appear three times in quick succession to describe wildly different ingredients.

Dish of the week

Pretty as a picture.

Shot of the week

Pretty as a…. Oh, wait.


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